About IU's technology environment
IU's cutting-edge technology environment reflects our commitment to innovation in service of teaching, learning, and research.

IU Data Center
The 88,000 sq. ft. Data Center is an earthen berm, meaning it’s built partially underground. It has only a few secure entry points (with no windows to the outside), and is designed to withstand flooding, power outages, and even an F5 tornado.

The Data Center contains two 16 cylinder 2,220HP Indiana-made Cummins diesel engines and 1.5MW generators with space for a third expansion unit. A 10,000 gallon diesel fuel tank is buried inside the security perimeter.

Big Red II
Fastest university-owned supercomputer in the nation when acquired (2013)

Provides high-speed and data-intensive computation for research in medicine, physics, chemistry, bioinformatics, and other sciences and humanities

  • Cray XK capable of one quadrillion floating point operations per second (one petaFLOPS)
  • 21,000 processor cores
Data Capacitor II
Used by Big Red II and many of the world's fastest supercomputers for high-speed, high-capacity storage of very large data sets

  • Five Petabytes of storage (= 290,000 high definition movies)
  • Open source Lustre file system combines speed of multiple servers and storage devices into a single resource
  • A second system, Data Capacitor WAN (Wide Area Network), offers 340 Terabytes to help researchers move and share massive data sets over long distances
Scholarly Data Archive
IU’s Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) stores research data from across the university. The high-speed tape is geographically separated with redundant backups on the Bloomington and IUPUI campuses. It can store up to 40 Petabytes (PB) of data, the equivalent of:

  • 2.5 million smartphones (the populations of Brooklyn and Toronto)
  • 16 human brains filled to capacity (2.5 PB each)
  • 76,000 years of CD-quality music