Gateway to your cosmic data One Degree Imager Pipeline, Portal, and Archive
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By working with the ODI-PPA web portal, astronomers tap into Indiana University’s world-class high performance computing resources and professional IT support.

In other words, ODI-PPA brings in several key IU resources -- Quarry, the university's Linux cluster computing environment for research; the Data Capacitor WAN, its high-speed temporary data storage facility for research computing; and the Scholarly Data Archive, its high capacity system for storing and accessing research data -- to automate the flow of data.

ODI-PPA lets astronomers do their science -- while the gateway seamlessly manages the data.

Here’s how:
Raw ODI data once transferred to Indiana, are immediately stored on the highly secure IU Scholarly Data Archive; Metadata are harvested and multi-level tiles genrated to enable near-realtime visual analysis of the images through the portal.
Operator initiated calibration processing on the raw data takes place on compute nodes acquired on the Big Red II super computer and the Data Capacitor system, both hosted in the IU Data Center. Metadata are havested, and tiles generated for this processed data as well.
Once the calibrated images are in ODI-PPA, astronomers can search and download data, visualize and analyze images, and reduce and re-analyze large datasets on IU cyberinfrastructure!
Cloud computing takes your science to the next level.
The One Degree Imager is helping to change astronomy by giving researchers a wide field of view and exceptional image resolution. To handle the huge amounts of data generated by these images, Indiana University IT experts have designed and developed the One Degree Imager Pipeline, Portal, and Archive (ODI-PPA) Science Gateway.

Traditionally, images go from telescope to flash drive to laptop, where researchers handle computation locally. Using IU's advanced network and computing infrastructure, ODI-PPA automates most of the process -- and adds a comprehensive web portal that lets astronomers view, search, analyze, monitor, and download data.
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Interested in having a system similar to ODI-PPA? If you have a data-intensive project and you need access to high performance computing assets, IU can custom-build a system for your needs.

Our experts help researchers from all disciplines use HPC resources to their fullest potential.

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